Wine list

Delight your palate

We have privileged the specialities of this territory that, like us, take care of details, prefering quality instead of quantity without forgetting great international brands.

Even in white, red or sparkling wines there is the philosophy of our Hotel: balance, elegance, reality. In the palette of colours used to paint the whole experience, also wine has to play an important role.

A role that has to match harmoniously with our culinary offer.

From classic sparkling wines, among which there are the various types of local Prosecco such as the sophisticated Franciacorta and also the precious Champagne, we also offer vegan wines, pure and high-quality products.

Our selection of white wines will take you around Italy looking for the most special flavours. From Veneto and Collio to Sicily, famous brands and unique producers connected by the elegance of products that have been carefully selected to fully enhance the characteristics of our dishes.

About red wines: the freshness of a young red wine to accompany a seafood dish in an alternative way. The power of Amarone, Barolo or Brunello to add taste to a dish of meat.

It is your choice! In our wine list we offer the major brands combined with some emerging and less-known producers but equally able to offer excellent wines.

Also with our red wines we want to continue our journey looking for new balance and flavours.

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