Our Eco-Friendly Hotel

“Green” becomes even more beautiful, even when carrying a suitcase. An eco-friendly holiday embraces a type of travel that respects the environment, prioritizing ecological and sustainable aspects even during leisure or business trips. Sustainability is no longer just an admirable choice for guests but also a responsibility for companies. Our aim is to become a point of reference for our guests, providing added value to their stay.

To protect the environment and minimize our ecological footprint, here are the concrete measures that make Vidi Miramare & Delfino an eco-friendly hotel:

  • We adopt low-impact energy management systems and utilize renewable sources, such as a solar thermal system for heating hot water;
  • G, as in renewable gas: for energy and gas supply, we select providers that generate clean energy from renewable sources and utilize green facilities and sources;
  • We have installed a condensing boiler to achieve energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions;
  • We use faucet aerators to promote water conservation;
  • The entire hotel is equipped with LED light bulbs for energy efficiency;
  • We strive to minimize the use of plastic in all departments;
  • We have established a rigorous waste sorting system;
  • We exclusively choose environmentally friendly detergents without compromising on hygiene;
  • We encourage towel reuse to minimize water and energy consumption and decrease CO2 emissions resulting from laundry operations;
  • Our internal laundries have been completely modernized with high-efficiency and low-impact machinery;
  • We encourage the use of bicycles by providing complimentary bikes for guests to explore the surrounding area in an eco-friendly way. Discover picturesque landscapes by pedaling along cycle paths, routes, and dedicated lanes during a weekend or week-long eco-friendly holiday;
  • Recharge your electric vehicles with renewable electric energy at the nearby charging stations, conveniently located just a few steps from our hotel;
  • We prioritize the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials. Our personal hygiene packaging and food packaging in the kitchen are both recyclable;
  • To ensure the health and traceability of our food, our chefs carefully select organic and local products. We give priority to sourcing local, regional, and organic products, commonly known as “km 0” products;
  • Home-made products: with a deep passion for home-made specialities and seasonal ingredients, we create mouthwatering delicacies;
  • The perfect wine pairing: our wine list features a selection of wines with organic certification, most of which are sourced naturally from Veneto;
  • Premium organic products for treatments and massages: we exclusively use certified organic products of the highest quality for our spa services;

We implement various measures to minimize waste and promote sustainability.

Green travels for a better future: by choosing to stay at Hotel Vidi Miramare & Delfino, you actively contribute to protecting the planet because… A MEMORABLE HOLIDAY LEAVES NO ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT.

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