Venice and its lagoon

Venice and its lagoon offer a truly unique and unparalleled setting in the world. Often referred to as the “City of Water”, Venice is a captivating archipelago consisting of 118 islands intricately connected by more than 400 bridges and criss-crossed by 150 canals.

What to see in Venice:
With its founding dating back to the 5th century AD and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Venice and its lagoon represent an inestimable treasure trove of art, culture, captivating landscapes, and an extraordinary environment.

Among the many iconic attractions that must not be missed in Venice are St. Mark’s Square, home to the magnificent St. Mark’s Basilica, a true masterpiece of art and sophisticated architecture. There is also the Doge’s Palace, the legendary Bridge of Sighs, the elegant Ca’ d’Oro, the historic Rialto Bridge, and the majestic Grand Canal winding through the city. Additionally, Venice boasts a multitude of art galleries and museums, each offering a unique experience.

In Venice, the significance of its festivals cannot be ignored. The city hosts traditional cultural events such as the Biennale, a celebration of art, music, dance, and theatre, the symphonic season at the renowned La Fenice Theatre, the Historical Regata, the Festa del Redentore, and, of course, the world-famous Carnival.

Venice exudes romance, characterized by a poignant love-hate relationship with the sea. The sea is the wellspring of its beauty, yet simultaneously the cause of numerous challenges for its inhabitants, especially when it swells and inundates the city’s squares and streets.

In addition to Venice, exploring its islands is highly rewarding, as they are small gems of extraordinary beauty. Among the most enchanting, consider visiting Venice Lido, renowned for hosting the famous Film Festival; Burano, celebrated for its vibrant houses and traditional lace; and Murano, famous for its exquisite glass-blowing.

The strategic location of Jesolo allows you to easily explore not only Venice but also these charming lagoon islands, enhancing the memorability of your stay.

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