Jesolo Beach & Kite Festival

Are you wondering when you can see the kites in Jesolo? Every spring, typically in early April, Jesolo gets ready to host the International Kite Festival, called JESOLO BEACH & KITE FESTIVAL!

For three magnificent days, the festival takes place on the beach right in front of Hotel Vidi Miramare & Delfino, during which kites are the protagonists and colour the sky. So, where do the kites exactly fly in Jesolo? The Jesolo Beach & Kite Festival takes place along one kilometre and a half of beach with the participation of over 200 kite flyers coming from 12 different countries!

The Kite Festival in Jesolo

This event was born on the beach of Jesolo, right in front of Hotel Vidi Miramare & Delfino. Thanks to the participation of Filippo Gallina, founder of Filovola group and passionate about kites since childhood, it has been possible to create a new event in Jesolo with kites as central element.

A small festival was organized in 2021, thanks to the help from some friends with the same passion but without announcements and advertising. Only some representatives of the City Hall and some local hoteliers were invited to take part in it and expressed great enthusiasm. From that moment, this little adventure has led to the organization of Italy’s biggest kite festival in Jesolo, attracting visitors from all around the country to enjoy a unique air show.

Kite Festival in Jesolo: the programme

The Jesolo Kite Festival offers plenty of engaging activities for visitors to participate in: from the arrival of the kite flyers for free flying displays and the acrobatic kite demonstrations in the central arena, to free workshops for the construction of kites perfect for adults and children, during which all the participants can fly their kites with the help from the expert kite flyers or buy ready-made kites.

But there is more! At the Jesolo Beach & Kite Festival, you can also attend the inauguration of the wind gardens or witness the appearance of giant three-dimensional static kites in the central arena. The central arena also hosts the rokkaku kite fighting, creating a unique and thrilling atmosphere every year.

One of the highlights of the Jesolo Kite Festival is the magical nighttime kite flying event. Thanks to special lights, the sea of Jesolo is lit up during the kitesurfing acrobatics, creating a unique show of lights and shadows that brings you to a place suspended between reality and dreams.

Kite Festival in Jesolo 2023: what happened?

The 2023 edition of the Jesolo Beach & Kite Festival has concluded, leaving behind a trail of colours, joyful smiles, and unforgettable memories. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who played a fundamental role in making this extraordinary event a success. We are immensely grateful for the invaluable contribution of our dedicated collaborators, skilled kite flyers, and, above all, the thousands of enthusiastic and curious visitors who brought their energy and passion to the festival.

The Jesolo Beach & Kite Festival 2023 has surpassed all our expectations, captivating many different people under the same sky, in an atmosphere of joy and wonder. At Hotel Vidi Miramare & Delfino, we look forward to seeing you all again next year for another fantastic Kite Festival in Jesolo. Thank you again for making this event an outstanding success!

Would you like to participate in next year’s event? Contact us now to book your hotel room and secure a front-row seat for the entire event in Jesolo!

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