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Pure relax Holiday

In our spa Hotel in Lido di Jesolo with spa, fitness centre and indoor swimming pool where you can nicely cool off and, at the same time, find a total psycho-physical balance.

For your relaxation, we suggest a tour inside the Thermae, which enriches the offer of our Wellness Centre: a quiet and comfortable space where you can regenerate your body and mind thanks to the modern techniques of bioclimatology, the same that characterized the ancient Roman Baths.

The Roman baths were true temples of wellness, places for meeting and socialising, oases of health, glorious places of art and culture in which people came together to listen to their secrets while enclosed in the therapeutic properties of heat. Now, you can re-experience the atmosphere of those ancient times in a spa hotel in the heart of Lido di Jesolo, thanks the services provided by the Hotel Vidi Miramare & Delfino, like the Sauna, Turkish bath, Kneipp bath, tepidarium, solarium, revitalizing showers and swimming pool, indoor heated pool, Jacuzzi and water games. Alternatively, you can treat yourself to a bit of physical activity in the adjacent fitness centre.

In addition, the staff of our spa hotel in Jesolo and its fitness centre will be available for all types of cosmetic services, massages and mud beauty treatments.
The key to the success of this Jesolo thermae and wellness centre is definitely to be found in the certainty that if you work on your body your spirit will benefit too: this is the purpose and goal that the centre, and the professionals who work there, want to achieve.

At the wellness centre of our spa hotel, the close relationship between physical and psychological health is greatly considered. For this reason, the centre responds to the needs of the whole individual and seeks the well-being of body and mind, reducing the stress of everyday life and allowing you to enjoy your free time in a quiet and comfortable environment.

Find below in details the treatments that you can enjoy in our Jesolo hotel with fitness and wellness centre:

CALIDARIUM: The steam's humidity favours Ph regulation, cleanses the skin and has a moisturizing effect.
TEPIDARIUM: Ideal support to the immune system, allowing a general preventive and restorative activity of the body.
SAUNA: Promotes intense sweating, thus opening the pores of the skin and eliminating toxins with cardiovascular benefits and muscle tone effects.
HOT REVITALIZING SHOWER: large drops of water containing maracuja essence and accompanied by an orange coloured revitalisation treatment programme.
COLD REVITALIZING SHOWER: a mist containing millions of water particles with mint essence accompanied by a relaxing blue light treatment programme.
KNEIPP: With two sections for the feet, alternating hot and cold water provides a surprisingly beneficial effect on circulation.

Discover more about our wellness services in Jesolo.